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Some people might think I’m ridicilous but this is just a quick shot of how I came through the memorial evening of Michael Jackson… together with my niece, the Kleenexbox was too small, and even at the end my son, Bart, was sobbing on the couch, realizing one of his big idols had left this world. Together we were singing « Man in the Mirror », and very much into all the songs and beautiful words that have been said.

crying over MJ

Stevie Wonder’s performence was, in my eyes, the most beautiful one ; « I never Dreamed you would leave in summer », take a look here :

I won’t go into the argument about « who’s bad »… I loved Michael Jackson, his life, his carreer, his music, the lyrics he could write, about the human nature, the world… it all meant a lot to me, I am deeply touched by his death.


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You have always been in my life, your music helped me, comforted me, brought me joy, tears and hapiness. My first record ever, bought with my own money, was « Ben »… and all your music lingers on, I will never go anywhere without you! Goodbye Michael, Thank you!

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Two of my idols, Yann Arthus Bertrand, one of world’s biggest photographers, and Luc Besson, again, one of world’s biggest filmmakers and producers, are associated in this wonderful movie which will start all over the world on June 5th, the entry will be free in every theater, everybody should go and see it !

HOME ! Click on this and you will be able to discover the website of the whole adventure on this movie, click on « video » while you visit the site so you can see an english version of the trailer I show here in french.

The planet is our home, let’s not become homeless by destroying it !

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48cI definitely want to say by this message that I will never, ever, take care of anyone’s problems again, talk to them about their troubles, give them advice or take care of them or their worries, try to open up their eyes, try to love them even more by being caring and understanding.
I am fed up that actually, which I was afraid of, it makes it even worse, it comes back in your face as if you’ve been hit.

So I AM GONE, I AM NOT HERE ANYMORE, I am going to be, what d’you call it? Oh yes, “BEING SELFISH”!!! 

I am going to enjoy even more my husband, my kids; they love me, we cherish each other more than anything else in this world and I am going to go wherever I want, I am going to do whatever I want, and I can clean up my own s***, as I have always done. (Even if they think I should do some more…)

I am angry and very disappointed, but not for long…

 For many years already I have understood what life means, what love means. What I am going to do in 2009 and all the years after that is having fun and enjoy !
As long as I live, there will be peace around me for the people that share my love and understanding and the serenity I am looking for!

I’ve learned my lesson again, “take care of your own business”, if that is what they are trying to tell me, well, I will!
Thanks for helping me out here! But don’t be surprised if I don’t listen anymore, I have enough to take care of in my own life, as I have been told…

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Today we had to put her to sleep, she suffered from a lungcancer, in May the vet told us she had a few days left, she decided it were months… months of good food, (every day I prepared her meal, beef or chicken, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, the best menu in town !) months of playing, running, swimming and barking !

Last night, after her chicken, carrot and rice, which she ate with alot of energy, she layed down and since that moment she didn’t want to get up anymore.

All night was tough, she made alot of noise, slept a little, but I didn’t, I knew she was fed up, tired and exhausted of trying to breathe and stay alive…

This morning we took the big decision, never easy, but if you love your animals and understand them enough you can see it in their eyes… she asked for it, so we relieved her !

-« Au revoir ma Paquerette », she was only 9, but she gave us a wonderful time, love, laughter and tenderness, we will miss her alot !

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