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bartman-drumming.jpgAs you all know, our son Bart is a juniordrummer. He has his regular drumminglessons once a week, also piano (but I must say he enjoys the drums more, we want him to do it right, music is in him, any kind of instrument, he can play on it; a few weeks ago he « just » improvises the « Marseillaise » on a stupid kid-accordeon completely broken, but it was goooood !!! He takes a flute, brings it up to his nose, blows the air of « frère jacques » (with his nose) and sings at the same time…Hilarious ! I also told you that my brother Huibert is also a drummer, played in a band called « The South Barony Jazz band » (that was -oh- a long time ago), plays music whenever he can, drums on anything that is « drumable », makes you seasick movin’ his legs under the table during dinner etc etc, then my uncle was a drummer (that was Ome Sim, Willem Jan VV, dear dad of my cousin Ellen (link on the side) then her son’s and brothers are great drummers too, and her brother Coen has his own Percussionworkshops). My bro’ Huib, when he left Holland, was replaced in the band by my dear old friend Onno. Onno de Bruijn, gee, are we talking drumming ? He was « het wonderkind » of Breda, played in his very early years with all kind of professionals during the « Breda Jazz Festival », Onno and I went to school together and have been sharing alot of our passion for music since then. He is -may I call it – a semi-professional now, plays still in a band all over the world on festivals or tours.

More then a year ago I heard someone say, « hey, go to Mac Donalds, for 1 € more with the Happy meal they give you the DVD Phill Collins Farewell Concert (Paris)… » ME going to MACDONALDS…..NEVER EVER EVER…., anyway, don’t worry, got the DVD ofcourse and this part (the beginning) is just soooooooooooooooo…, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it is too much !!!! Just to say that Bart ofcourse listnens to this every day, starts working on it.. promises something, if he could play like this later???


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* This article was first published on an English website on March 8 2003, two weeks before the invasion of Iraq. During that month, it was the most widely published article about the war, and had a readership of about 500 million.

I thought it was good to have it published again, even if it is just on my blog. 

March, 11 2003* 

Thank you, great leader George W. Bush. 

Thank you for showing everyone what a danger Saddam Hussein represents. Many of us might otherwise have forgotten that he had used chemical weapons against his own people, against the Kurds and against the Iranians. Hussein is a bloodthirsty dictator and one of the clearest expressions of evil in today’s world. 

But this is not my only reason for thanking you. During the first two months of 2003, you have shown the world a great many other important things and, therefore, deserve my gratitude. 

So, remembering a poem I learned as a child, I want to say thank you. 

Thank you for showing everyone that the Turkish people and their Parliament are not for sale, not even for 26 billion dollars. 

Thank you for revealing to the world the gulf that exists between the decisions made by those in power and the wishes of the people. Thank you for making it clear that neither José María Aznar nor Tony Blair give the slightest weight to or show the slightest respect for the votes they received. Aznar is perfectly capable of ignoring the fact that 90% of Spaniards are against the war, and Blair is unmoved by the largest public demonstration to take place in England in the last thirty years. 

Thank you for making it necessary for Tony Blair to go to the British Parliament with a fabricated dossier written by a student ten years ago, and present this as ‘damning evidence collected by the British Secret Service’. 

Thank you for allowing Colin Powell to make a complete fool of himself by showing the UN Security Council photos which, one week later, were publicly challenged by Hans Blix, the Inspector responsible for disarming Iraq. 

Thank you for adopting your current position and thus ensuring that, at the plenary session, the French Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin’s anti-war speech was greeted with applause – something, as far as I know, that has only happened once before in the history of the UN, following a speech by Nelson Mandela. 

Thank you too, because, after all your efforts to promote war, the normally divided Arab nations, at their meeting in Cairo during the last week in February, were, for the first time, unanimous in their condemnation of any invasion. 

Thank you for your rhetoric stating that ‘the UN now has a chance to demonstrate its relevance’, a statement which made even the most reluctant countries take up a position opposing any attack on Iraq. 

Thank you for your foreign policy which provoked the British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, into declaring that in the 21st century, ‘a war can have a moral justification’, thus causing him to lose all credibility. 

Thank you for trying to divide a Europe that is currently struggling for unification; this was a warning that will not go unheeded. 

Thank you for having achieved something that very few have so far managed to do in this century: the bringing together of millions of people on all continents to fight for the same idea, even though that idea is opposed to yours. 

Thank you for making us feel once more that though our words may not be heard, they are at least spoken – this will make us stronger in the future. 

Thank you for ignoring us, for marginalising all those who oppose your decision, because the future of the Earth belongs to the excluded. 

Thank you, because, without you, we would not have realised our own ability to mobilise. It may serve no purpose this time, but it will doubtless be useful later on. 

Now that there seems no way of silencing the drums of war, I would like to say, as an ancient European king said to an invader: ‘May your morning be a beautiful one, may the sun shine on your soldiers’ armour, for in the afternoon, I will defeat you.’ 

Thank you for allowing us – an army of anonymous people filling the streets in an attempt to stop a process that is already underway – to know what it feels like to be powerless and to learn to grapple with that feeling and transform it. 

So, enjoy your morning and whatever glory it may yet bring you. 

Thank you for not listening to us and not taking us seriously, but know that we are listening to you and that we will not forget your words. 

Thank you, great leader George W. Bush. 

Thank you very much. 

Paulo Coelho 

© Translated from the Portuguese (Brazil) by Margaret Jull Costa*Copyright 2003 by Paulo CoelhoAll Rights Reserved

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Mrs de Villepin, wife of our ex-Premier has a lot of humor, when Mr Fillon officially took over her husband’s « job » she left the Palais of Matignon wearing this jacket… I like this kind of humor !

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Manu Katché has been in the Jury of the « Nouvelle Star », (our French Idols) for many years but real music lovers have known him forever since this great drummer has been working with various professionals before working on his solocareer. He, and André Manoukian, are the only very professional juries on this TVshow, with objectif and real comments.

Though he is also a well-experienced and talented songwriter, he is most notably and widely regarded for his passionate, stylish and ultimately unique skill of playing drums.

He was sky-rocketed to stardom in the music world in the mid-1980s mostly thanks to the huge success of Peter Gabriel’s 1986 album So and his subsequent work with Sting. After that he has been prominently featured in the pop, rock and world music scene playing with numerous bands and artists, including Afro Celt Sound System, Jeff Beck, Al Di Meola, Dire Straits, Jan Garbarek, Manu Chao, Loreena McKennit, Youssou N’dour, Robbie Robertson, Joe Satriani, Tori Amos, Richard Wright and the aforementioned Peter Gabriel and Sting, with whom he has also toured extensively.

Here you can watch some of his latest album and FYI (for the dutch…) Manu Katché group will be in Amsterdam « Jazz on the roof » on July 6th !

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Je reçois régulièrement des emails au sujet du Pacte écologique crée par Nicolas Hulot (voir mes autres post à ce sujet à retrouver dans la catégorie ecologie). Je tiens vous en informer car il est vrai que nous avançons doucement mais sûrement comme Nicolas Hulot le décrit dans son email : 

Chères/Chers signataires du Pacte écologique,

Grâce à votre mobilisation et votre détermination, le Pacte écologique porte aujourd’hui ses premiers fruits.

Si notre vigilance doit rester grande, nous pouvons dès à présent nous réjouir de deux avancées notables, aboutissement de notre démarche collective :

  • La création d’un ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement et de l’Aménagement durables. Un tel ministère, érigé au rang de ministre d’Etat, numéro 2 du gouvernement, et aux compétences très élargies, constitue un incontestable pas en avant dans la prise en compte de la priorité écologique. Certes, il ne correspond pas exactement au rôle et aux attributions que nous avions avancés dans le Pacte avec notre proposition de vice-Premier ministre chargé du développement durable. Les domaines de responsabilité de ce nouveau ministère – qui vont de la protection des ressources naturelles à l’urbanisme en passant par les transports et l’énergie – devraient nous offrir de nouvelles opportunités d’action.
  • Le Grenelle de l’environnement. La rencontre qui s’est tenue lundi 21 mai à l’Elysée entre les ONG environnementales, Nicolas Sarkozy et Alain Juppé a permis de dégager un large accord sur les objectifs du futur Grenelle de l’environnement, à savoir une négociation sans tabous sur des mesures concrètes. Nous avons participé à un moment clé qui a permis de définir trois axes pour les réunions à venir – protection de la biodiversité, changement climatique et santé/environnement – qui se déclineront en une dizaine de grands chantiers. Le plus dur reste néanmoins à faire : parvenir à un accord sur un ensemble de mesures significatives, tant avec le gouvernement qu’avec les partenaires sociaux.

Cette opportunité historique ne se serait pas ouverte sans la mobilisation de tous les signataires du Pacte écologique. L’issue des négociations dépendra encore de la pression que nous saurons exercer avec tous les signataires d’ici le Grenelle.

La signature du Pacte écologique par le plus grand nombre est la meilleure garantie de voir les enjeux écologiques maintenus au premier rang par le gouvernement.
Le cap sur le million de signataires reste notre objectif !

Je compte sur vous,

Nicolas Hulot
Président de la Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l’Homme

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Grey’s Anatomy

Gisteravond is bij ons het 3de seizoen « Grey’s Anatomy » begonnen, mmmmmm, heerlijk, lachen, huilen, lekker om bij de buis te roséën en te genieten van de ouderwetse ziekenhuis roddels, relaties en grappen. (Oh en By the way John, ik geniet inderdaad van Dr House, wat een vent…, zelfs Philippe blijft er voor op, nou dat wil wat zeggen).

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